Albin D. Pagorski Water Reclamation Facility

Owner: Fox River Water Reclamation District, Elgin, IL

Phosphorus Removal – Struvite Facilities Project

  • Improvements will be made at the ADP WRF to reduce the phosphorus recycled within the liquid steam by precipitating it in the form of struvite within the digested biosolids. The work includes the construction of a new Struvite Building, fluidized-bed Struvite Reactor, and odor control system adjacent to the existing Sludge Dewatering Building. The Struvite Building will include a below-grade mixing pump station which will serve two new Sludge Equalization Tanks.
  • New equipment, piping, and appurtenances will be installed within the Struvite Building, as well as within the existing Sludge Dewatering Building. This equipment will include feed, recirculation/transfer, and jet mixing pumps; a magnesium chloride storage and feed system; an anti-foam chemical storage and feed system; reactor blowers; and associated HVAC, electrical and I&C systems.