Beecher Wastewater Treatment Plant

Owner: Village of Beecher, Beecher, IL

Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

  • Construction consists of renovation of existing submersible raw sewage pumping station
  • Replacement of existing in-channel rotary basket screen including a new pre-fabricated fiberglass building
  • Renovation of the existing 3-ring oxidation ditch including the addition of two-disc aerators for the outer ring, four new drives for eight existing rotors in the middle and inner rings, VFDs, and controls
  • A new concrete secondary clarifier flow division box with three motor-actuated weir gates
  • Renovation of two existing secondary clarifiers including repair, replacement, and painting of components and re-coating of fiberglass dome
  • A new concrete secondary clarifier No. 3
  • A new concrete UV disinfection channel
  • A new masonry chemical feed building including chemical storage tank and chemical metering pumps, skid-mounted NPW system, and belt press feed pumps
  • Renovation of aerobic digester including new diffused aeration system
  • conversion of an existing garage to a sludge building including a new 3-belt press, polymer feed equipment, sludge conveyors, and all necessary piping, electrical work, control system modifications, and other miscellaneous items of work