Clarendon Hills Park District

Community Center Interior Renovations & Second Floor Addition
Architect: Williams Architects

  • Improvements to Convert 4,200 SF of High Volume Ground Floor Space into 8,400 SF of Two-Story Space by Installing an Intermediate Floor Assembly
  • 2 Stairwells and Elevator for Vertical Circulation
  • Entry Vestibule Addition
  • 1st and 2nd Floor Recreation Offices and Programming Space
  • 2nd Floor Restrooms
  • Kitchen and Conference Room
  • Mechanical and Storage Rooms
  • Demolition of Existing Interior Assemblies, Services and Finishes as Necessary to Accommodate the Proposed Improvements
  • Modifications to Existing Building HVAC System Including Distribution
  • Modifications to Plumbing System Including, Domestic Supply, Waste and Vent and Fixtures as Required
  • Fire Sprinkler System Modifications
  • Electrical Distribution System Modifications Including Lighting, Power and Data
  • Life Safety Modifications Including Fire Alarm, Exit Signs and Emergency Lighting

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