North Side Water Reclamation Plant

Owner/Engineer: Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago, Skokie, IL

Battery D – Aeration Tank No. 8

  • Construction of 1.9M Gallon Aeration Tank No. 8, Including Air Diffusion System
  • Construction of Lower Service Gallery Extension, Including the Extension of Process Air Piping, HVAC Improvements, Water Lines, the Extension of Electrical Service and an Egress STructure
  • HDPE Yard Piping for the Extensions of the Potable and the Effluent Water Lines
  • Relocation and Reconstruction of a Service Roadway
  • Regrading and Landscaping Improvements on the Adjacent Hamlin Park Site
  • Security Fencing
  • Various Appurtenances for a Complete Project
  • Site Restoration Work Including Replacement of Concrete Pavement and Landscaping Work