IHC began its relationship with the Utility Companies back in the late 1940’s. Initial projects executed for the principal phone and electrical companies (Illinois Bell Telephone and Commonwealth Edison) remain as customers today in a much different workplace.

We have seen conduit distribution systems change from clay and concrete installed in open-cut methods, to today’s directionally bored installations made from HDPE (poly pipe). The key has been IHC’s commitment to service its customers with today’s technology at competitive pricing, with the ability to adapt to what the marketplace is requesting.

Fifty- plus year relationships between owner and customers are rare in any industry, but it is what we strive for.

While still willing, able and equipped to do open-cut installations, IHC began using directional boring in the early 1990’s in the technologies infancy stage. The radical evolution of equipment development through the 90’s finds us today with a well-maintained fleet of machines and support equipment to meet a variety of pipe installations, in all ground and weather conditions here in the Midwest.

IHC’s workforce has experienced foreman (many with over 10 years drilling tenure), and the depth to complete the largest and most challenging of projects on time and within budget.

If you’re looking for a contractor who provides value and excellent service with a hands-on get it done attitude, hire us.

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